Thilo Beck at WEF Roundtable - A Roadmap to Sustainable Health and Better Well-being in the Workforce and Society

Goals House Roundtable, World Economic Forum, Davos – Thilo Beck

A Roadmap to Sustainable Health and Better Well-being in the Workforce and Society: Elaborating on Key Points.   We are living through a historical period defined by uncertainty, which is having a profound impact on our mental health. Research shows that – on average, 15% of working-age adults live with a mental health condition globally,…

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Affluent Neglect

Society expresses great concern for poor, underserved children and the increased likelihood they may lack access to health care and education, or that they may turn to drugs or crime in adulthood. Less attention is paid to children of affluent parents who have their own set of problems. Emotional neglect often goes unnoticed or unreported, which may…

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What is Dialectical Behavior Therapy?

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), developed by Marsha Linehan, Ph. in the 1980s, is a type of talk therapy originally designed for high-risk, suicidal people diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Today, DBT is used to treat people struggling with a range of complex and intense emotions, including substance abuse and addiction, PTSD, bipolar disorder, eating disorders,…

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The Pandemic-Push: Why are so Many People Suddenly Buying Prescription Drugs Online?

Prescription-med sales skyrocket due to the pandemic, but when does use become abuse? Paracelsus Recovery’s experts weigh in. More and more people are illegally purchasing prescription medication such as anxiety or sleeping pills online as the pandemic takes its toll on our wellbeing. The pandemic has left a mental health crisis in its wake. Rates…

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How to Find a Good Therapist

A good therapist can help if you’re going through a rough patch, or
if you’re dealing with severe anxiety, depression or trauma. If you find
the right therapist and you work well together, you will gain a greater
understanding of yourself and the people around you. 

In therapy, you may learn to think about things in more positive
ways, gain valuable tools to help you cope with stress or worry, or
discover improved self-confidence. 

Finding a good therapist, who may be a psychotherapist, psychiatrist,
licensed clinical social worker or master’s level counselor, can seem
overwhelming, but be careful not rush into a decision. Doing your
homework in advance can save you a lot of time, money and stress in the
long run.

Tips on How to Find a Good Therapist

Here on some tips that will help you find a good therapist.

  1. Ask trusted friends, family members or your health care provider if they can recommend a therapist. This is a good starting point, but keep in mind that a therapist who works well with somebody else won’t necessarily be the best therapist for you. 
  2. Do an online search for therapists in your area, then go to each website and take a closer look. Some therapists may also have Facebook pages or LinkedIn profiles. However, lack of a social media presence doesn’t necessarily indicate a therapist isn’t good.
  3. Be sure you know the therapist’s qualifications. A therapist should have an advanced degree, extensive training and supervised clinical experience, and should be properly licensed or certified. If this information isn’t available online, call and ask.
  4. Similarly, find out if the therapist has special areas of practice, and if that specialty is pertinent to your particular concerns. For instance, a therapist might be a generalist, or they might work with families and couples, or with trauma or addiction. 
  5. Call the therapist’s office and inquire about scheduling. Is the therapist taking new counselors? How long will you need to wait for an appointment?
  6. If money is a concern, ask about fees. If you have insurance, ask if the therapist accepts your coverage.
  7. Don’t hesitate to ask to speak to the therapist. If something doesn’t feel right, or you don’t feel comfortable, politely explain that it doesn’t seem like a good match. 

Finding a Therapist: You are in Charge

Remember that you are in charge of the entire process. If therapy isn’t working out after a few sessions, you can switch to a different therapist at any time. Good therapy is a partnership between you and the therapist and it’s important to feel a rapport.

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