Vacancy: Specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy (appx. 35h/month)

We're looking for:

Specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy with experience in addiction medicine (approx. 35 hours per month)

We are

An international company, successful in the global market since 2010, offering various intensive treatment programmes in Addiction MentalHealth and Chronic Conditions. Our clientele is global and comes from the "high end" of society. Therefore, our clients are particularly exposed and in need of competent, empathetic and quick, non-judgmental help and support. During treatment, they live in one of our residence flats with private housekeeping and limousine service.

For our psychiatric team consisting of a psychiatrist, psychologist and live-in therapist (with the client 24/7), we are looking for a psychiatric specialist with experience in the field of addiction (approx. 35 hours per month).

We expect

- Specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy
- Experience in addiction medicine
- Foreign colleagues have MEBEKO recognition of their medical diploma.
- Responsible for the best possible medical treatment and quality according to international standards
- Very good knowledge of English and German
- High level of social competence

We offer

- Good pay commensurate with the task
- Very good and appreciative working atmosphere, characterised by professional respect and common goals for the clients and their families.

Our company profile:



For more information, please contact:

Pawel Mowlik, Managing Partner PRC Group AG

[email protected]
Tel: +41 79 555 05 33


Sandra Liew, MSc Senior Clinical Coordinator:

[email protected]
Tel.: +41 79 477 97 26

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