Velhavende forsømmelse

Samfundet udtrykker stor bekymring for fattige, undertjente børn og den øgede sandsynlighed for, at de måske mangler adgang til sundhedspleje og uddannelse, eller at de kan henvende sig tilstoffer eller kriminalitet i voksenalderen. Der er mindre opmærksomhed på børn af velhavende forældre, som har deres egne problemer. Følelsesmæssig omsorgssvigt bliver ofte ubemærket eller urapporteret, hvilket…

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Fordelene ved yoga i afhængighedsbehandling

Generelt set er yoga en øvelse, der gavner krop, sind og ånd gennem en integration af åndedrætsteknikker, styrkende øvelser, stillinger og meditation. Der findes mange former for yoga; alle er gavnlige. Selvom yoga er en århundreder gammel praksis, er det en relativt ny behandlingsform inden for medicin ogalkoholafhængighed. Accepten af ​​yoga som en form for…

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Håndtering af cravings

Trang er normalt, og misbrugere i bedring bør forvente at opleve lidt ubehag fra tid til anden. For de fleste mennesker er cravings værst først i startenmisbrugsbehandling, men de kan forekomme uger, måneder eller endda længere. Men hvis du lærer måder at håndtere trangen på på forhånd, vil du være forberedt, når de opstår. Husk,…

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Stigmaer og stereotyper af afhængighed

Stigmaer og stereotyper er overbevisninger - ofte usande - der uretfærdigt adskiller mennesker og bliver grund til skam og forlegenhed. Mennesker med afhængighed bliver ofte stigmatiseret og stereotype som snublende drukkenbolte eller misbrugere, der skyder op i mørke gyder, eller som winos, crackheads, tweakers eller junkies. Disse samfundsmæssige overbevisninger giver store udfordringer for mennesker, der…

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At Paracelsus Recovery, functional medicine, biochemical restoration, and bioresonance therapy are integral components of all our treatment programs.

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Biochemical restoration addresses biochemical and neurochemical deficiencies in the brain and body that occur as a result of substance abuse or lifestyle choices. Bioresonance therapy involves the use of a specialized machine to measure the body’s energy wavelengths and to give treatment to improve a person’s cellular health. Both biochemical restoration and bioresonance therapy are branches of functional medicine that focus on healing the mind-body connection.

Functional medicine aims to restore health by facilitating the body’s natural healing process. To do so, it addresses the root cause of a disease rather than the symptoms it produces.

For example, functional medicine practitioners will try to understand how the interplay between environmental, genetic, historical, and lifestyle factors have led to physical or mental ill-health. Once these elements have been determined, practitioners will then provide the body with optimal amounts of natural substances to help you restore your inner equilibrium.

Just like our treatment ideology at Paracelsus Recovery, functional medicine emphasizes that each person’s circumstances are different. Because your health is unique, your treatment must also be tailor-made to tackle your specific needs.


The aim of biochemical restoration is to ensure that a person’s mind and body have all of the chemicals and building blocks required to function optimally. We treat clients using an individualized formula of nutritional supplements and IV solutions based on comprehensive laboratory testing, whereby we literally aim to ‘restore’ what is missing. Supplements and IVs may include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other substances.

Our physical wellbeing is significantly affected by substance abuse and mental health conditions but also influences the development of these issues. For example, substance abuse and mental health issues cause stress in our bodies that produce hormones such as cortisol which turn on our fight-or-flight mode. When this happens, our bodies need more energy to maintain such a vigilant and high-alert state. As a result, we crave quick-energy foods such as refined carbohydrates or desire substances that will make us feel more alert.


Stress can also be emotionally taxing and can make us irritable, exhausted, and distractible. When we feel like this, we can start to crave dopamine — the neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and reward. Sugary foods provide us with bursts of dopamine, but carbohydrates and sugar also destabilize our blood sugar, increase inflammation and deprive the brain of critical neurotransmitters.

Some people turn to drugs such as cocaine or amphetamines to obtain the dopamine ‘high.’

Each of these physical responses is called a ‘biochemical deficit.’ These deficits take their toll on the body and can lead to increased cravings, anxiety, depression, and sleep problems, all of which can harm mental health and exacerbate a substance abuse dependency.


Biochemical restoration treatment focuses on improving these biochemical deficits. Healthy biochemistry will significantly enhance cognitive skills, physical vitality, and emotional stability. This allows you to benefit much more from your recovery program, prevent future illness and ensure a long-lasting recovery.

To understand the physiological causes of your addiction or mental ill-health, we analyze your biochemistry with comprehensive laboratory tests to identify:

  • Imbalances of neurotransmitters.
  • Imbalances of amino acids.
  • Nutrient deficiencies.
  • Hyperglycemia/hypoglycemia (elevated glucose/glucose deficiency).
  • Inflammatory stress and oxidative stress on the cellular level.
  • Adrenal fatigue.
  • Gut health (including the gut microbiome, inflammatory parameters, food intolerances, parasites, etc.).
  • Hormone levels.
  • Gland functioning tests.
  • Toxicities.
  • Excessive heavy metal load in the body.

Based on the results of these tests, we create a tailor-made set of nutritional supplements, IV infusions, and a personal nutrition plan. The combination of successful restoration of your biochemistry and the use of various complementary therapies can reduce or even eliminate symptoms such as sleep problems, cravings, anxiety, and depression.


In addition to biochemical restoration, in Zurich, we can also provide bioresonance therapy. During bioresonance therapy, our trained physician places two electrodes on your skin which are connected to a specialized machine. These electrodes will scan the body’s energy wavelengths (frequencies), identify any irregular wavelengths based upon an extensive database, and restore your electromagnetic frequency to its optimal state.

Quantum physics shows that a person’s cells, like all matter, emit energy. Pathogens, environmental stressors, and toxins also emit unique energy wavelengths. A bioresonance machine will pick up these ‘frequencies,’ similar to how an ECG or an EEG machine can record the frequencies of the heart or brain. Our trained physician can then detect “normal” or “abnormal” signals, which will help them to determine areas of the body which are lacking in energy or which show signs of illness.

Environmental toxins, addictive substances, inflammation, stress, bacteria, viruses, and many other pathogens can all induce ‘abnormal’ waves in the body’s organs and cells. A bioresonance machine will identify and neutralize these toxic wavelengths. In so doing, it strengthens the body’s regulatory system, improves cellular health, and facilitates the body’s natural healing process.

Bioresonance is a detoxification therapy which means it can result in headaches, flu-like symptoms, or nausea. However, these are signs that the body is eliminating toxins and healing itself. Over time, it can help cells become more receptive to nutrients in food, increase their capacity to generate energy, and strengthen overall health and wellbeing.

Bioresonance treatment is only available in Zurich.


Biochemical restoration refers to the detoxification of the whole organism and thus the restoration of a person’s physical health. For our brain and body to function adequately, we require optimal amounts of specific substances. With our modern lifestyle — from poor eating habits, stress, lack of physical activity, food intolerances, addictive behavior, and substance abuse — many have significantly imbalanced biochemistry. At Paracelsus Recovery, we identify and restore these deficits.

We provide biochemical restoration in Zurich and London.

Substance abuse and other addictions can negatively impact our physical health in numerous ways. For example, substance abuse dramatically increases a person’s chances of developing lung or heart disease, stroke, mental health conditions, and cancer. Studies have shown that mental health conditions can decrease a person’s lifespan by anything from 10 to 30 years because of this link.

Bioresonance is a safe and non-invasive complementary therapy. It can ease cravings, reduce intolerances, provide stress relief, and improve symptoms of chronic diseases. It has no known adverse side effects and is a drug-free treatment method. However, bioresonance is most effective when used for an extended period of time. If administered two to three times a week over one to two months, it will help the body regenerate which can lead to more energy and an overall improvement in wellbeing.

Biochemical restoration restores equilibrium and promotes healing on a cellular level. By correcting nutritional deficiencies, reducing inflammatory stress, and improving gut health amongst many other positive effects, biochemical restoration helps to optimize health. It can reduce cravings and sleep problems, provide clarity and inner peace, improve symptoms of anxiety or depression and promote healthier overall wellbeing.