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    Our team includes respected experts in many areas of mental health.

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    When you lead a busy life, balancing responsibilities at home and work, finding a moment to visit a therapist in person can be difficult. That is why we are giving you access to them online. We can provide support in a way that suits you, whether you want regular sessions or flexible help as and when you need it.

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    Our team includes respected experts in many areas of mental health including:


    Identify the underlying causes of your depression and develop ways to manage your mood day-to-day.


    Talk through your symptoms so we can devise the right treatment for you, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy.


    Address what is causing your addiction and start reducing your reliance on a substance or behavior.


    Better understand your fears and develop techniques to break their hold on your life.


    Receive the therapy you need for your specific issue and build tools to start your recovery.


    Process a traumatic experience, reduce the physical and emotional impact of disturbing memories and learn relaxation techniques.


    Help you and those closest to you understand your mental health condition and develop interpersonal strategies that aid your recovery.


    Our expertise covers all areas of mental health. Whatever issue you are dealing with, please get in touch to discuss your specific needs.


    Our experts understand how to engage effectively with you online and will listen to your specific challenges, before working with you to manage them. If you are not sure why you are feeling low or acting in a certain way, your therapist will help you identify and address the cause.


    Before your first session, we will make sure you are matched with a therapist who is right for you.


    Everyone in our team is experienced at working discreetly with high-profile individuals, so you can be reassured your conversations will always remain private.


    I went to Paracelsus Recovery after a decade-long battle with anorexia. I had spent my twenties in and out of different rehabs and therapies and I was skeptical that my experience at Paracelsus would be any different. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong. The therapeutic team was so attuned to the specificities of my background, my eating disorder, and how the two intertwined. I am so grateful for the support and compassion I received during my time there.

    Dasha, 31-year-old socialite from Moscow, Russia

    I spent a month at Paracelsus after my OCD accumulated in panic attacks. The therapists helped me develop new ways of coping with stress, which has changed my life for the better.

    Francis, 40-year-old wealth manager from Hamburg, Germany

    Thank you Paracelsus (London), you saved my life and my marriage. Expensive but money well spent!

    J. M., 54-year-old businessman, London

    My stay at Paracelsus was very special. I was feeling depressed and sick and very lonely. Never was I in a rehab center. It was scary at first but in the end, it was the best decision. The team was unique and helped a lot. All were professional and understood my problems. A big merci for the live-in therapist with her support, especially in the night she helped me when I did not feel so well and we talked a lot. Also, merci for the doctors and nurse to help with my pain. I still think about my treatment there. For sure I will come back in the future to say bonjour and to do some more tests and check-ups.

    J.P., 37-year-old male, Paris

    What I appreciated the most about Paracelsus Recovery was their attention to detail. My stressful lifestyle had led to a combination of cocaine abuse and heavy drinking. I couldn’t figure out how I had ended up there, and I was deeply ashamed. The team at Paracelsus Recovery helped me realize that my substance abuse was due to how lonely and depressed I felt. They provided empathic and holistic treatment which enabled me to reconnect with myself, my health, and my family.

    Sarah, 42-year-old senior executive from Nice, France

    My parents “sent” me to Zurich when I was nineteen because my partying had become unsustainable. The amazing team at Paracelsus Recovery opened my eyes and made me see why I had been treating myself so badly. I cannot tell you the relief I felt when I finally understood why I had been putting myself in such risky situations. They explained in detail how addiction affected my brain, and they helped me process some traumatic experiences from my childhood.

    Mateo, 22-year-old from Barcelona, Spain

    After years of doctors in the UK being unable to find the cause of various symptoms, I went to Paracelsus to complete their health assessment program. They figured out why I had these symptoms and provided the most in-depth assessment and recommendations I had ever received. I would highly recommend this three-day program for anyone who wants to take back control over their health.

    James, 45-year-old investment banker from London, UK

    I had no idea my acute anxiety was affecting me and my family so much. I was so stressed and anxious it was impacting every part of my life. At Paracelsus, I learned so many coping strategies to manage my anxiety and depression and can now recognize the warning signs and know how to cope.

    B.M., 57-year-old wife and mother, Surrey, UK

    I underwent the executive detox program at Paracelsus Recovery because I had been using substances excessively, and I needed to be focused and healthy for upcoming work projects. I found the treatment center to be very comfortable. The biochemical restoration really helped with the withdrawal and the ‘psychoeducation’ was useful. I also really appreciated their nonjudgmental and pragmatic approach.

    Luca, 37-year-old business owner from Zurich, Switzerland

    I came to Paracelsus with my drinking gone out of control. I have been drinking for years but never admitted to myself that I had a problem. My wife and sons encouraged me to go to Paracelsus. The best decision I have ever made. My life had become one big lie to cover up my addiction - all my energy was absorbed by my problem. After six weeks with Paracelsus Recovery, I have regained control of my life and focus again on what is most important - my family.

    Basri, a 56-year-old business owner from Istanbul, Turkey

    My life has changed since I was in Zurich with Paracelsus. Previous attempts to fight my cocaine addiction in the US only worked temporarily. Paracelsus Recovery’s approach with extensive psychotherapy gave me the ‘tools’ I needed when I returned home to my demanding job. The program also helped me to get in shape and lose weight, a nice bonus.

    Ronda, a senior business executive from New York, USA

    I came to Paracelsus because I needed a discrete and private treatment for my addiction to prescription medication. The decision followed many years in a downward spiral and my personality changed negatively due to my medication abuse, and after unsuccessfully trying to reduce the medication by myself. The intensive four-week treatment at Paracelsus has helped me to get off the medication that has controlled my life for such a long time. I am grateful for this place, as I could not go to any other addiction treatment facility for confidentiality reasons.

    S.AL-S. Public Figure from the Middle East

    Coming to Paracelsus was the most important decision in my life.

    M.F., a woman from the Middle East

    The time spent at Paracelsus Recovery is hard to overestimate. Some of the clinic's specialists speak Russian, but all treatment sessions work wonderfully through an interpreter. The treatment plan is very intense and sometimes tiring, but takes place in a comfortable and safe environment.

    Lili Paukova

    I am the son of a wealthy family. Unfortunately, in my business endeavors, I had found myself in a rock and a hard place. Fortunately, as I cannot go into much detail regarding my difficulties, Paracelsus was there to help. If you have the resources required, I highly recommend their services. With their understanding of addiction, and the in-depth treatment they provide, which is virtually everything you would need to overcome any difficulty, I am beyond satisfied, refreshed, and feeling anew.

    Dr. Charls Epstein

    Paracelsus Recovery is difficult to describe… Luxury on a 5-star level, but even more important, a team with a heart and a lot of knowledge. I have never felt understood or learned to be understood so well myself. This was my third stay in the clinic and I am confident that it will be the last.

    Marc Streuli

    Paracelsus Recovery is amazing. I have been to several "high-end" rehabs, but Paracelsus is another world. I was somewhat skeptical at first; treatment is very expensive and there is a big emphasis on their 5-star service level and luxury residences. But then I found their program for treating addictions being the probably most advanced and comprehensive in the world, so I decided to give it a shot, and did they deliver. The team is so kind and compassionate and they really seem to know their stuff. One does feel that one is the only client and that the place is owned and run by a family, not an institution.

    Sarah Milton

    I have recommended several patients to this clinic and have only heard great feedback about their services and the quality of their medical program.

    Doctor Karrani

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