Our team includes respected experts in many areas of mental health including:


Identify the underlying causes of your depression and develop ways to manage your mood day to day gruby bebok


Talk through your symptoms so we can devise the right treatment for you, such as cognitive behavioural therapy


Address what is causing your addiction and start reducing your reliance on a substance or behaviour


Better understand your fears and develop techniques to break their hold on your life

Eating disorders

Receive the therapy you need for your specific issue and build tools to start your recovery


Process a traumatic experience, reduce the physical and emotional impact of disturbing memories and learn relaxation techniques

Family psychoeducation

Help you and those closest to you understand your mental health condition and develop interpersonal strategies that aid your recovery

And many more

Our expertise covers all areas of mental health, whatever issue you are dealing with please get in touch to discuss your specific needs

Exclusive Penthouses - Paracelsus Recovery Clinical Residences

We work almost exclusively with high-profile, high-net-worth individuals. To make sure that our clients feel as comfortable as possible, we provide a luxurious
environment that feels familiar, as this increases their chances of a robust recovery. Whether you are staying in our penthouse apartment on the lake-front in Zurich or one of London’s leading hotels, we will make sure to provide the appropriate level of accommodation and service.

Our exclusive residences are discretely located in a lake-front setting of Zurich. The penthouse apartments are around 250 square meters in size, luxuriously furnished and at the same time offer all necessary medical and clinical infrastructure. With a magnificent direct view of the lake of Zurich and the Swiss mountains, you will be in the best place to rest and recover.