Bio-resonance in Addiction Treatment

Bio-resonance is increasingly used in holistically oriented treatment centres as a so-called complementary therapy, is meant to support medical and psychotherapeutic interventions. It must be said that conventional medicine in many countries rejects Bio-resonance on the grounds of lack of scientific evidence of its effectiveness. Nevertheless, Bio-resonance is increasingly used by holistic doctors and health-practitioners, often demanded by clients and sometimes even paid for by health-insurance packages.

Many patients with chronic conditions report dramatic improvements or disappearance of allergies, food intolerances, fatigue, rheumatic and inflammatory diseases, chronic intoxication from environmental toxins, drug-, nicotine- and alcohol-abuse. Recuperation after surgery and pain-relief is said to be speed up by Bio-resonance treatment. Depressed, anxious, alcohol-, prescription medication and drug-dependent patients who have recovered also report positive, mood stabilizing experiences with Bio-resonance therapy.

What is Bio-resonance and how does it work?

The words “Bio” stems from Greek, meaning “life”, while “re-sonare” literally means “sounding back” (stemming from Latin). The word Bio-resonance encompasses its supposed mechanism, which is the rebalancing of cell-functions by “sounding” back healthy “waves” at quantum physics level to the cells of the body.

The underlying theory of Bio-resonance therapy is the fact that every body cell emits a certain energy frequency when healthy. This “vibration” can be picked up by a Bio-resonance machine using two electrodes, not dissimilar to the vibrations of the heart or the brain, which are recorded by an ECG- or an EEG-machine. Trained physicians can then detect “normal” or “abnormal” signals, which help them to finalize a medical diagnosis.

Bio-resonance can also detect abnormal “waves” from organs, organ-systems and cells, caused by environmental toxins, addictive substances, inflammation, stress, bacteria, viruses, parasites and other disease processes. The machine, developed by German Engineers already back in 1977, does not only pick up abnormal waves for diagnostics, it also “resonates” harmonious healthy waves to normalise compromised cell function and to stimulate the self-healing properties of the whole human body.

Drug and alcohol use are strong toxins. They weaken the immune system, make it less fit to defend damage from environmental toxins, allergens, viruses, bacteria etc. They attack the cells, make cell replication faulty and let them age prematurely as well as contributing to the development of certain cancers and autoimmune diseases.

Bio-resonance therapy by an experienced and qualified physician can help to rebalance body and brain function and make it more resilient. It helps cells to be more receptive to nutrients in food and nutritional supplements. Bio-resonance does not normally have an immediate effect, although many people report such, it usually takes effect over a longer time, administered 2 – 3 times a week over 1 – 2 months it helps the body to regenerate and activate it’s own self-healing powers.

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