Celebrities in treatment and confidentiality issues

Every person who seeks help for a drug or alcohol addiction deserves quality treatment and a high level of privacy and confidentiality, regardless of social standing, wealth or fame. Unfortunately, privacy is often in short supply for many high profile individuals.

People may require privacy to protect their reputation, careers or family relationships. Some want to keep their situation private from co-workers, employers, or in some cases, their families. Of course, many high profile individuals desire to avoid scrutiny of a curious public or determined paparazzi, which can often be cruel and unyielding. Most high profile individuals are more likely to get the help they need when they aren’t constantly distracted, and when every move they make isn’t tracked and reported.

People who seek treatment usually don’t want other people to know about their particular situation, which may include drug and alcohol dependency or non-substance addictions such as sex, gambling or eating disorders. Individuals in treatment may address highly sensitive subjects such as relationship issues, emotional trauma or psychological conditions such as anxiety or depression. It’s unfortunate that addiction and mental illness are not yet understood and accepted, but stigmatized and perceived as shameful.
Additionally, many individuals who seek treatment do not want to be subjected to the stressful, rigorous schedules of standard treatment, such as morning call or daily chores. Many wish to focus only on treatment and avoid situations that can threaten privacy, including group therapy sessions or meetings with others.

Many luxury and spa-style treatment centers cater to high profile individuals and have become known as “celebrity rehabs” where their owners or doctors pride themselves with the names of people they have treated. High visibility celebrity rehabilitation clinics may not be the best choice for individuals who require treatment in an environment of ultimate confidentiality and exclusivity.

Paracelsus Offers Fully Confidential and Private Treatment

At Paracelsus, we have a flawless history of providing exclusive treatment to international clients. We have refined our treatment approach to bring treatment to a whole new level.
We treat one client at a time to provide the highest level of exclusivity. We understand that each person is different and we tailor treatment to fit the unique needs of each individual. We understand the needs and requirements of our clientele and we have developed a dedicated team of competent therapists whose goal is to genuinely help the client to regain control of their lives. All our treatment professionals are warm and empathetic. Clients receive eight hours or more of private treatment by highly trained clinicians every day. All treatment takes place in a luxurious private accommodation. An addiction-professional lives at the residence to support the client, therapists visit and there is little need to travel outside for treatment or meetings.

Paracelsus is the World’s Most Exclusive Specialized Chemical Dependency Treatment Organization.
We provide unparalleled, professional and empathic high-end service, far beyond what other luxury rehabs can offer. Clients enjoy 5-star service, including limousine service, butler and housekeeper, concierge services for leisure or business and meals prepared by private, professional chefs. Family therapy, aftercare and transitional services are also on offer. We are on your side – always.

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