Daily use of Marijuana isn’t Problem-Free

Marijuana, considered by many people to be a relatively safe drug, is now legal in many countries around the world, including increasingly larger regions of the United States.

While it’s true that marijuana is safer in most regards when compared to heroin, meth or cocaine, marijuana isn’t without its problems. Like any drug, marijuana affects the lungs, the brain, and every organ in the body.

The risks are compounded significantly when marijuana is used every day, or when it is combined with alcohol or other drugs.

Addictive Potential

Most experts agree that while marijuana isn’t as addictive as many other substances (including alcohol), about 10 percent of users will develop some level of cannabis addiction. The risk increases significantly for people who start using marijuana as adolescents.

People who quit may experience marijuana addiction withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, depression, insomnia and loss of appetite.

Heart and Lung Problems

Daily marijuana users are more likely to have heart problems later in life, especially if they also smoke cigarettes. One study found that within the first hour after smoking marijuana, the risk of cardiac arrest is five times greater than for those who don’t smoke marijuana. Daily marijuana smokers also have a higher risk of chronic bronchitis and other respiratory difficulties. The risk increases with age.

Learning Problems

Studies indicate that chronic use of marijuana is linked to cognitive impairments, including problems with memory, focus, learning, attention and problem solving, and there is some evidence that the effects may remain long after marijuana use is stopped. Again, the risks are higher for daily users who began using heavily as teens. Daily users also tend to have more academic- and employment-related difficulties.

Dental Problems

Frequent use of marijuana is linked to gum disease, which may subsequently lead to loss of teeth. However, experts aren’t certain if the problems are due to cannabis use, or to poor dental care by chronic users. Many dental professionals also believe daily marijuana smoking contributes to a decrease in saliva production, thus dry mouth and bad breath.


Daily use of marijuana increases the risk of psychotic symptoms, including hallucinations and delusions, especially for people with a family history of psychosis. Researchers aren’t sure, however, if people who already have psychosis tend to use more marijuana, or if use of marijuana actually triggers symptoms of psychosis.

Treatment for Marijuana Addiction

The number of people who seek treatment for marijuana addiction climbs as the drug becomes legal and its use is more acceptable. If you’re concerned about your use of marijuana, or if you use the drug on a daily basis, consider rehab for cannabis addiction.

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