Does Alcohol Help Anxiety?

Anxiety is a difficult condition, particularly with
entrepreneurs who have become successful by investing long days, pouring
100 percent of their energy into their work. Problems with worry and
anxiety also can cause rifts in relationships and numerous health

Many high profile individuals use alcohol as a way to manage the rigors of life, and it’s rarely limited to one or two drinks. Alcohol becomes a tool to control anxiety, in hopes of continuing a high level of achievement. 

High-Level Executives and Anxiety: Alcohol Never Helps

Alcoholism is never the answer to problems such as anxiety. Drinking
will gradually affect a person’s health, both physically and mentally.
Anxiety only gets worse when symptoms are hidden, often unsuccessfully,
from peers, colleagues, and subordinates.

High-profile people often believe, wrongly, that this level of success is only achieved by never showing signs of weakness.

All too often, successful people believe they can’t take time away
from the office to seek any form of treatment. They juggle multiple
heavy responsibilities at work, in their family, and at career-related
social occasions, but the more they push themselves, the more anxious
and stressed they become.

Because entrepreneurs have wealthy clients with exceptionally high expectations, anxiety can push them dangerously close to burnout. If they get to this point, where they’re standing on the precipice, then it’s time to seek treatment.

World-Class Anxiety Treatment in Switzerland

When money is no object, there’s a way to treat alcoholism and take back the life that existed before alcohol was introduced as a coping mechanism. The good news is that entrepreneurs can enter treatment without neglecting work-related responsibilities.

Busy executives and other high-profile people can get much-needed help at Paracelsus Recovery, the world’s finest and most exclusive treatment center located in beautiful Zurich, Switzerland. We treat clients one at a time, in first-class surroundings and complete and absolute privacy.

For the duration of treatment, high-level executives have ready access to their computer and smartphone. It’s possible to make and receive all necessary phone calls and even run virtual meetings while receiving treatment. This fact alone can help reduce anxiety levels and make treatment more effective.

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