Drug and Alcohol Addiction: What is Couples Rehab?

Sometimes, both partners in a relationship struggle with substance abuse or addiction. As dependence on drugs or alcohol worsens, drugs or alcohol may take priority over the well-being of the family. Maintaining a semblance of a normal life frequently becomes impossible.

One or both partners may spend money recklessly, isolate themselves or spend an increasing amount of time away from home. Even minor stresses can escalate into constant fighting that may lead to domestic violence.

Relationships can shatter when financial difficulties or legal problems enter the picture. Addiction of both partners can be devastating when children are involved.

Can Couples Rehab Help Us?

Although couples rehab can be beneficial, dealing with substance abuse is difficult. It’s important that both partners are committed to the relationship and both are ready to make necessary changes to make the partnership work.

The risk of relapse is much higher if only one partner seeks drug and alcohol treatment or rehab. It’s difficult to maintain recovery when drugs and alcohol are still present in the home and when the same old destructive patterns are still present.

Couples rehab can help, even if you and your partner are both long-term users of drugs or alcohol, or if one partner has a more serious addiction.

Some treatment centers offer couples rehab only to those who are married, but many offer treatment for any couple in a committed relationship, including LGBT couples.

There are specific situations where couples rehab isn’t advised. For example:

  • One partner has significant mental health needs.
  • Serious domestic abuse or violence has become an ongoing problem.
  • Only one partner is ready to fully engage in drug and alcohol treatment or rehab.
  • The relationship is in serious trouble and one or both partners isn’t interested in continuing.

How does Couples Rehab Work?

In couples rehab, you and your partner will work together with a therapist at least once or twice a week, and you will also have individual sessions. Some treatment centers will also offer family therapy and/or group treatment with other couples.

Some treatment centers are equipped to help with detox, while others may ask that you and your partner detox at a hospital or detox clinic before beginning treatment.

Frequently, addictions are accompanied by co-occurring disorders such as bipolar disorder, anxiety or depression. Many drug and alcohol treatment centers and rehabs are equipped to treat the challenges of substance abuse and mental health disorders simultaneously.

Both partners will learn better ways of communicating, better coping skills and strategies for dealing with difficult situations,

Couples rehab can provide a number of tools, including:

  • Parenting skills
  • Financial planning
  • Sex education
  • Coping with stress
  • Relapse prevention

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