Inpatient Alcoholism Treatment Near Me: Is it Best for Busy Executives?

If you’re a busy, high-profile executive struggling with alcoholism, it’s understandable that you might prefer a treatment center close to home and work. After all, you can’t just take time off and disappear while you’re in treatment.

Or can you?

The fact is, the best treatment center for alcohol addiction isn’t always just around the corner. Many high-end, luxury treatment centers promise easy answers and quick fixes, but alcoholism is a difficult disease and recovery only happens with plenty of hard work and dedication.

All too often, a treatment center close to home means settling for substandard treatment and ultimately, a revolving door of relapses and failed treatment episodes.

Sometimes, traveling for treatment makes a lot of sense -- even if it means flying off to a treatment center halfway around the world.

Why Traveling for Treatment may be the Best Choice for You

Avoiding triggers: Traveling away from home for treatment puts a healthy distance between you and your triggers, thus reducing the risk of relapse. Getting away from familiar places can be a tremendous benefit.

Holistic treatment: A quality treatment center or rehab treats not just the addiction, but the whole person. Most problems drinkers also struggle with depression, anxiety or other psychological problems that must be addressed along with the addiction. Similarly, medical problems and nutritional deficiencies must be treated.

Privacy: High-profile individuals require the utmost privacy and confidentiality, and a treatment center many miles from home reduces the risk that you may be seen and recognized.

What about Work?

It isn’t usually feasible to just step away from work for the duration of treatment. Unfortunately, many treatment centers do just that — they require that you set work aside. Your smartphone and computer are out of sight until treatment ends.

If this isn’t acceptable, look for a quality treatment center that caters to busy, high-powered executive and CEOs. This often requires travel, and it’s well worth the effort if it means you can stay in touch with things that demand your attention.

All too often, treatment centers don’t understand that business leaders are under pressure on a daily basis. Failure to address important decisions may mean failure or success for a company.

Traveling to Zurich, Switzerland is Worth the Effort

At Paracelsus Recovery in Zurich, Switzerland, treatment is flexible and you’ll have plenty of time to take care of work-related responsibilities. You’ll always have access to computers and your phone, and you can check into work as needed so things continue to run smoothly back at the office.

Although it may requires you to travel a great distance, Paracelsus understands your particular needs and will provide support while you work to achieve your goals. While you’re in treatment, you’ll learn how to work through job-related stress and restore a healthy work-life balance that will serve you well when you return home.

An extra level of privacy and security makes the journey worthwhile, as you’ll receive individual treatment in your own luxurious penthouse apartment.

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