On-Staff Psychiatrists Improve Client Outcome in Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Many addiction treatment centers do not maintain an on-staff psychiatrist. While most treatment centers are staffed with capable and experienced addiction counselors, some rehabs keep expenses in check by hiring "layman" counselors with little formal training. Although generally based on a desire to keep treatment costs down, this is an unfortunate decision for many clients who can benefit greatly from the skills and specialized training that a psychiatrist can provide.

Skilled counselors are critical in drug and alcohol treatment. An addiction counselor is a valuable support system for clients, able to serve as a partner and ally throughout the entire treatment process. A counselor listens and empathizes, educates clients, and provides encouragement, understanding and guidance as clients develop skills for drug-free lifestyles. Counselors are trained to help addicted individuals deal with high-risk situations and learn to cope with emotions such as loneliness, guilt, anger and shame.

Psychiatrists, however, are trained to diagnose clients and devise treatment plans for those with co-occurring disorderssuch as depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, ADHD, personality disorders or trauma. Psychiatrists are also equipped to diagnose and treat serious psychiatric conditions such as schizophrenia or borderline personality disorder. NIDA (the National Institute for Drug Abuse) estimates that six out of 10 substance abusers have at least one mental disorder.

Treating underlying issues that accompany addiction improves treatment outcomes and increases the possibility of long term success while reducing chance of relapse. Psychiatrists are licensed, trained physicians with many extra years of clinical training and experience, who can, if necessary, legally prescribe medications that can help clients with mental health conditions. They are also trained to provide psychotherapy, interventions and family therapy.

At Paracelsus Recovery, we recognize that unaddressed issues present serious risks for addicted individuals, be they biochemical, psychological, medical, spiritual or social, and that effective treatment of addiction requires a team approach and highly individualized treatment specifically tailored for each client.

Our international treatment team includes some of the most experienced experts in the field of addiction. Our doctors and psychiatrists frequently speak at conferences around the world and are widely published on the subject of addiction. Our psychiatrists are experienced in diagnostics and treatment planning, and also maintain a successful private practice. Our team attends advanced training that enables them to stay at the forefront of scientific development.

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