Sexual Addiction Help For The Rich And Powerful

There is debate whether sexual addiction is a “real” addiction, but
there’s no argument that an addiction to sex, also known as
hypersexuality, can turn lives upside-down, acting much like dependence
on drugs or alcohol. 

If left untreated, sexual addiction may lead to unwanted pregnancies,
sexually transmitted diseases, decreased productivity in the office,
broken relationships, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse.

An addiction to sex may include not only sexual behavior, but also
strong sexual fantasies or urges, or an abnormally intense sex drive.
Sexual behavior may include multiple affairs or one-night stands,
compulsive masturbation, exhibitionism, voyeurism, unhealthy use of
pornography or cybersex.

 Symptoms of Sex Addiction

Red flags that may indicate a sexual addiction include:

  • Attempts to reduce or stop unhealthy sexual activities are
    unsuccessful, even in spite of feelings of extreme guilt, shame,
    embarrassment or self-loathing.
  • Sexual activity continues without apparent concern for the potential for emotion or physical harm it may cause self or others.
  • Sexual activity or urges cause significant impairment or stress.
  • Unhealthy sexual activity is a response to stressful life events, or to boredom, anxiety or depression.
  • The time spent in sexual activities or fantasies interferes with
    important activities such as work, social activities or time spent with

Sexual Addiction and the Very Wealthy

It isn’t uncommon for wealthy entrepreneurs and business people to struggle with sexual addiction, but because of their position and available resources, they are can hide the problem from family, friends, and colleagues.

Wealthy men and women often spend long hours at work, dealing with an extremely high level of stress. Sex often serves as a coping mechanism, or a way to escape.

Frequent travel to other cities or countries tends to make it easier to engage in extra-marital sex.

Treatment Options For Wealthy People

Like most addictive disorders, sexual addiction grows ever stronger without treatment. Eventually, it becomes overwhelming and overshadows everything in life. The good news is that sexual addiction is highly treatable.

The world’s number one exclusive treatment center is Paracelsus Recovery, located in Zurich, Switzerland. This discreet center treats only one client at a time, in absolute privacy and 7-star luxury.

Paracelsus Recovery understands that it isn’t realistic to expect wealthy people to ignore business responsibilities during treatment. Schedules allow time for work and for staying in contact with the office via computer or phone. A housekeeper, chef, and driver with limousine will ensure your day-to-day needs are met.

Treatment involves intensive counseling that helps clients discover healthier ways of managing stress and identifying triggers for compulsive sexual thoughts or behaviors.

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