The Director and Producer of the new Film “Jagdzeit” Talk About Suicide and Mental Health in the Boardroom

Paracelsus Recovery recently had the privilege of speaking with director, Sabine Boss, and producer Michael Steiger, about their new film ‘Jadgzeit’ which tackles the growing issue of mental illness in the C-Suite.


In the film, Alexander Maier is a hardworking perfectionist and a loyal CFO who has sacrificed his personal life for the company. However, he experiences a profound betrayal from Hans-Werner Brockman, the firm’s new CEO, which accumulates in the loss of his job. Feeling betrayed, isolated, and hopeless, Alexander commits suicide. Jadgzeit is a painful story, but both Michael and Sabine note that it was inspired by the growing prevalence of C-Suite suicides in our contemporary corporate climate.

Interview with Sabine Boss and Michel Steiger

In our interview, Michael noted that during their extensive research for the film, he realized that CEOs are incredibly lonely people. Sabine also realized that the pressure of always having to appear confident must be very isolating. She wondered, ‘where do these individuals go with their doubts?’

At present, there is an epidemic of loneliness and mental ill-health in the boardroom. At Paracelsus Recovery, we have seen an increase of 500% in referrals since 2012 from CEOs.

We must begin de-stigmatizing these issues, and films such as Jadgzeit are a vital step in that direction. Michael noted that they hope that when watching the movie, CEOs and stakeholders will ask themselves, ‘do we, in our company, treat our people in the right way?’

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