What is Faith-Based Addiction Treatment?

Faith-based addiction treatment involves traditional therapy such as individual or group therapy, but the difference is that faith-based drug and alcohol treatment has a distinct spiritual element. Faith-based treatment centers and rehabs offer treatment for substance abuse, as well as those who struggle with behavioral addictions such as gambling, overeating or sex.

Although faith-based treatment is often Christian, it isn’t necessarily based on a specific religion. Some treatment centers are non-denominational, while others focus on spirituality with no defined religion or faith.

How Faith-Based Addiction Treatment can Help

Addiction affects the mind and body, but some treatment professionals believe addiction is also matter of the spirit and that people aren’t fully served by addiction treatment that lacks a spiritual element. This particular view isn’t accepted by all treatment professionals, but it holds true for many.

People who are addicted may suffer intense shame or guilt, often as a result of stigma and misconceptions about addiction, which is a chronic illness – not a moral failing or personal flaw. Others may seek to fill a spiritual void or to find a deeper meaning in life.

Faith-based treatment can be especially useful for people who have survived physical, emotional or sexual trauma as children or adults.

Faith-Based Treatment: What Makes it Different from Standard Addiction Treatment?

Faith-based treatment is much like traditional treatment, but most faith-based treatment centers and rehabs have pastors or other spiritual advisors on staff. Time is set aside for regular worship, reflection, meditation or prayer. Music and poetry are often important aspects of faith-based addiction treatment.

Therapy sessions with counselors have a spiritual component that offers hope for those struggling with feelings of shame and guilt that may lead to relapse. Instead, people find peace and serenity throughout treatment and beyond.

Group treatment with a community of like-minded believers can provide tremendous support. Many people leave treatment with improved confidence and self-esteem and a more positive outlook on life.

Is Faith-Based Treatment for You?

Faith-based addiction treatment isn’t for everyone, but it provides answers for many people who struggle with the spiritual aspect of addiction.

Faith-based treatment is especially important for people who already adhere to a certain faith, or those who have lost touch with their spirituality.

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