Why Do We Stress Eat in a Crisis?

Harmful coping mechanisms skyrocketed during the lockdown as many successful and wealthy individuals buckled under the stress of a global pandemic. Unfortunately, eleven months later, many of them are now battling hard-to-break unhealthy habits, such as emotional eating.   ‘Lockdown’ – a necessary global measure to stop the spread of Covid-19 – felt a lot like limbo. As each day merged with the next, our pre-coronavirus world felt like a distant memory, and we made way for our new normal. Stress levels were high, and we no longer had our usual healthy coping mechanisms - such as the gym or social events - to manage them. Exhausted-but-wired at the same time, substance abuse and unhealthy eating habits spiked as a way of dealing with the effects of stress. For those struggling to control their eating habits, the expectation to indulge over the festive period can increase anxiety levels. This, in turn, makes us more likely to engage in emotional eating. To navigate these difficulties, our experts at Paracelsus Recovery have provided tips on how to look after your wellbeing and avoid overeating during the holidays. Read more….

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