Why Money Back Guarantees Don’t Work in Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a complex, progressive disorder. However, although recovery is difficult, millions of people have managed to get better and live satisfying, substance-free or substance controlled lives. The best treatment providers rely on up-to-date, evidence-based treatment rooted in reliable scientific research. Effective, sustainable treatment addresses the entire person, as addiction is a physical disorder that involves social, psychological, spiritual and bio-chemical factors.

These days, competition for your business is intense, and more treatment centers are offering various guarantees as a way to attract clients who are searching for the best solutions. Unfortunately, even the finest treatment centers can’t guarantee success, as recovery depends on many factors. Relapse isn’t uncommon and recovery may take longer or more than one attempt. However, relapse doesn’t mean treatment hasn’t been effective or that it has been a waste of time and money. Understanding the triggers for relapse can be a learning experience that helps prevent backsliding in the future.

Serious treatment centers never offer 100 percent success. They don’t promise that clients will be clean and sober forever. Legitimate rehabs don’t mislead clients by making nebulous, unethical claims that payment will be refunded in the event that a client relapses. Recovery is difficult and cravings may, at times, seem overwhelming, thus such promises provide clients with an easy way out. A client who believes that payment will be refunded in the event of a relapse may be more likely to fail, and can then place the blame solely on the program.

Some rehabs may offer full or partial refunds under very strict guidelines; i.e. if clients leave (or are “kicked out”) within the first 24 hours after arrival. Some offer promises of a 30-day return to treatment if relapse occurs, for example, after completion of a 90-day program followed by strict adherence to the center’s recovery program. Important legalese may not be included on the treatment center website, but contracts should be available upon request. Examine the fine print carefully and remember the old adage: “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” A reliable rehab center will be willing to answer any questions at any time and clarify all questions you might have, they will also be open and honest about their success rates, their treatment strategies and their pricing model.

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