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At Paracelsus Recovery, we believe that providing family members with the resources and information they need to understand their loved one's mental health condition or addiction is critical. As a result, our residential programmes include joint family psychoeducation sessions. We can provide more intensive family and/or couples therapy if necessary.

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Family psychoeducation

Family values are important to us as a family-owned business. We comprehend the complexities of family systems and how they influence and are influenced by the illness of a loved one.

For example, when someone goes through a difficult time in their life, it can have an impact on everyone around them. Sadness, anger, guilt, or fear can make it difficult for family and friends to understand how to respond appropriately to their partner's, spouse's, child's, or sibling's illness. A lack of knowledge about mental health or addiction can exacerbate stress, resulting in squabbles, a breakdown in communication, and each member of the group feeling unsure of what to do.

Our family psychoeducation sessions are designed to give you and your loved ones the resources and information you need to overcome these challenges. Our core psychotherapeutic team explains to your loved ones what happened during your treatment program, what they should expect, and how they should prepare for your return to normal life during these sessions.

Joint family sessions have numerous advantages, including empowering you to take control of your life and improving relationships with your loved ones. While participation in your recovery is strongly encouraged, we would never force family members to participate if it is against their or your wishes.

Family psychoeducation is available in London and Zurich.

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Psychoeducation has been shown in studies to help prevent relapse, reduce self-stigma, improve relationships, increase self-esteem, and provide a variety of other benefits.

It is entirely your choice if you do not want anyone to know you are in treatment. We will never force you to include family members or loved ones in your treatment. However, we always recommend family involvement whenever possible.

The term "family" does not always refer to blood relatives. Instead, ‘family’ can refer to anyone who has played a long-term supportive role in your life. For example, it could be your manager, a friend, or a partner.

During our residential treatment programmes, we offer up to three family psychoeducation sessions if they are recommended. At an additional cost, we can provide traditional family or couple therapy.

Couple therapy is not included in the core program, but it is available for an additional fee in Zurich or London after the residential program has concluded.

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