Affluent Neglect

Society expresses great concern for poor, underserved children and the increased likelihood they may lack access to health care and education, or that they may turn to drugs or crime in adulthood. Less attention is paid to children of affluent parents who have their own set of problems. Emotional neglect often goes unnoticed or unreported, which may…

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What is Dialectical Behavior Therapy?

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), developed by Marsha Linehan, Ph. in the 1980s, is a type of talk therapy originally designed for high-risk, suicidal people diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Today, DBT is used to treat people struggling with a range of complex and intense emotions, including substance abuse and addiction, PTSD, bipolar disorder, eating disorders,…

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Benefits of Yoga in Addiction Treatment

In general terms, yoga is an exercise that benefits the body, mind and spirit through an integration of breathing techniques, strengthening exercises, postures and meditation. There are many types of yoga; all are beneficial. Although yoga is a centuries-old practice, it is a relatively new treatment modality in the field of drug and alcohol addiction. Acceptance…

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Why Some People Think Sex Addiction Doesn’t Exist

Does sex addiction really exist? Is sexual addiction a true disorder? Or is hypersexuality just an excuse for irresponsible behavior or infidelity? Those are complicated questions, and even experts in the world of behavioral health and addiction will probably never agree on the answers.  Many people think hypersexuality should be classified as an addiction. They…

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Luxury Private Therapy Services

At Paracelsus Recovery, our exclusive programmes are founded on empathy, care and pragmatism. We believe that addiction and mental ill-health affects the whole person – mind, body and soul. For example, emotional stress takes a toll on our body and conversely our physical health has an impact on our mental health. We therefore put the mind-body relationship at the forefront of our private therapy programmes.

One Client at a Time

Unparalleled staff to patient ratio of 15:1

Types of therapy

In Zurich and London, a team of experienced clinicians and therapists work with one client at a time to provide an individually structured and intensive treatment programme. We provide a number of therapies based on individual needs including psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR), psychoeducation and mindfulness therapy. Complementary therapies and wellness activities include yoga, massage, reflexology, acupuncture and personal training.

A specialist psychiatrist will work closely with the therapy team to ensure that each client receives the most effective treatment possible for their psychological wellbeing and emotional health. At the start of a programme, we carry out an in-depth assessment, make diagnoses, recommend and manage any medication or supplements and work with the core therapy team to develop an individualised treatment plan to assist recovery.

In one-to-one one sessions, our team will help the client overcome any underlying trauma, negative thinking patterns or unresolved issues that may be contributing to their mental health difficulties or addiction. Our team is highly skilled in the most up-to-date and internationally recognised therapeutic techniques and complementary therapies, providing unparalleled treatment.

At Paracelsus Recovery, we will customise each private therapy and clinical programme based on the client’s needs, availability and wishes. With each programme, we interweave different aspects of the core and complementary therapies, providing the most in-depth treatment possible. You can learn more about our treatment programmes here.


We also provide aftercare, a comprehensive health assessment, an executive detox programme and intervention services at an additional cost.

The cost of treatment varies depending on the service required. You can learn about our prices and fees here.

We provide private therapy and clinical programmes in London and Zurich.

Our medical and psychiatric team thoroughly researches each treatment method before incorporating it into our treatment programmes.

Upon arrival, a comprehensive assessment is carried out to determine the exact treatment and therapies required based on individual needs. The assessment procedure includes a medical check-up, review of medical history, an extensive psychiatric assessment, functional health assessment and a lifestyle and nutrition assessment. Based on these results, our team of experts design a bespoke treatment plan.