iNews – British women are paying 85K a week for ‘menopause rehab’ in Switzerland

Paracelsus Recovery is the first clinic in the world to provide treatment for menopause-related emotional, hormonal, and physical health issues. We had the recent pleasure of talking about our latest programmes and why they are so crucial for women’s health with Gwyneth Rees of The i. As our CEO, Jan Gerber put it:  

“Women often come for other issues such as addictions or depression. But if they are in their forties or early fifties, often we find  the menopause can be a big issue. This change in hormones is a reality and the shift  can be big and powerful. But if it is navigated with the right approach and tools, the menopause can bring positive benefits and be a magnificent chance to grow.”

Curious to know more? Check out our interview with Rees for the i newspaper --> Read here

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