The Guardian – ‘One billionaire at a time’: inside the Swiss clinics where the super-rich go for rehab

One of the most common questions we get asked is: what makes therapy for the ultra-wealthy and super-famous different from regular therapy? We spent two days with Sophie Elmhirst for The Guardian to answer that question.

Sophie’s long-read piece provides a poignant insight into the ‘history of healing’ that saturates Zurich and how our CEO, Jan Gerber, along with his mother, Dr. Christine Merzeder, our senior clinical coordinator, and others came to form the single-client rehab (the ‘one client at a time’ model), which has quickly spread across the globe.

Sophie’s article is honest, insightful, and a poignant overview of how Paracelsus Recovery has forged the way for a new ‘micro-industry' of ultra-exclusive mental health treatment, catered to the needs of the ultra-wealthy, which we understand as a marginalised group.

This is an article not to be missed. That’s why you can find the full piece --> here

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