Lucien Tasovac

Personal Trainer

With 20 years of exercise experience in a variety of training techniques and with a broad fitness background, Lucien has extensive experience in martial arts, cardiovascular training and resistance training. This is complemented by his training with the Australian Army and his eight-year career in the South Australia Police. Lucien can show clients the path to their fitness goals by teaching them the right way to exercise specifically for them, no matter their age, weight or training experience. His qualifications include AIF Master Trainer, MMA Fitness Trainer, Punchfit Trainer, Certificate III and IV in Fitness, FISAF Certified Instructor and Rehabilitation Trainer. Lucien has worked for Holmes Place as a fitness specialist and trains out of private studios within Zürich. He is passionate about holistic health which has motivated him to become co-founder of Fitness in Motion and work with large companies across Switzerland on health and wellness strategies for their employees. Fitness in Motion also provides services to individuals and private health clinics with respect to health, wellness, fitness and nutrition.

One of Paracelsus Recovery's Interview Sessions

Lucien Tasovac on an important skill for a trainer to have when working with a recovery clinic

Lucien believes the trainer would need to have a sense of empathy for the client. Also realising that the Clients are coming with certain issues, and they wont be in their best physical and mental condition. Its majorly about helping to ease the main treatment or therapy clients would be having .