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At Paracelsus Recovery, we believe that it is crucial to provide family members with the resources and information needed to understand their loved one’s mental health condition or addiction. Our residential programmes therefore provide joint family psychoeducation sessions. If required, we can provide more intensive family and/or couples therapy.

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Family Psychoeducation

As a family-owned business, family values are important to us. We understand the complexity of family systems and how they influence and are influenced by a loved one’s illness.

For instance, when someone goes through a difficult period in their life, it can affect everyone close to them. Painful emotions such as sadness, anger, guilt or fear can make it harder for family and friends to understand how to adequately respond to their partner, spouse, child or sibling’s ill-health. A lack of knowledge about mental health or addiction can heighten stress even further, leading to arguments, a breakdown in communication and each member of the group feeling at a loss as to what to do.

Our family psychoeducation sessions are designed to provide both you and your loved ones with the resources and information needed to overcome these difficulties. During these sessions, our core psychotherapeutic team explains to your loved ones what happened during your treatment programme, what they should expect and how they should prepare for your return to normal life.

There are many benefits to joint family sessions such as empowering you to take control of your life and improved relations between you and your loved ones. Whilst strongly encouraged, we would never insist that family members partake in your recovery if that is against their or your wishes.

Family psychoeducation is available in London and Zurich.

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Studies show that psychoeducation can help in preventing relapse, decrease self-stigma, improve relationships, increase self-esteem and provide numerous other benefits.

If you do not want anyone knowing you are in treatment, this is entirely your choice. We will never push you to involve family or loved ones in your treatment. However, whenever possible we always recommend family engagement.

The term ‘family’ does not necessarily mean blood relatives. Instead, ‘family’ can refer to anyone who has played a long-term supportive role in your life. For example, it could be your manager, friend or partner.

If recommended, we provide up to three family psychoeducation sessions during our residential treatment programmes. We can provide traditional family or couple therapy at an additional cost.

Couple therapy is not part of the core programme but can be provided at an additional cost in Zurich or London after the residential programme has ended.

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