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1980 年代に Marsha Linehan 博士によって開発された弁証法的行動療法 (DBT) は、もともと境界性パーソナリティ障害と診断されたリスクの高い自殺願望のある人々のために設計されたトーク セラピーの一種で…



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Rehabilitation Aftercare Treatment Programme

Aftercare is an individualised treatment plan which can be implemented once the intense residential treatment programme has ended. Any treatment for addiction or mental health problems constitutes the beginning of a continuous recovery period. The weeks and months after leaving residential treatment can be difficult and returning home to an environment with potential triggers can be extremely challenging. For this reason, we provide carefully planned aftercare programmes with our core team.



Rehabilitation Aftercare

When a person enters a treatment programme they may be going through immense difficulties in their lives. Once they are in treatment, all of their energy is focused on managing withdrawal symptoms, processing difficult emotions and restoring their health. During your stay at Paracelsus Recovery, a team of professionals are focused exclusively on your wellbeing and recovery.

However, once you finish treatment many of the triggers, stressors and challenging relationship dynamics that heightened your difficulties prior to treatment can reoccur upon returning home. For example, it may be harder for an ultra-successful person to maintain sobriety when they return to an environment filled with pressure, responsibilities and stressful decisions than in a rehabilitation centre that emphasises tranquillity, health and wellbeing.


For this reason, we believe that providing careful aftercare treatment for individuals recovering from addiction, emotional or psychological problems is essential. At Paracelsus Recovery, our aftercare services are extremely flexible and will be based on each individual circumstance. We can provide you with an experienced therapist who will travel with you and assist in the transition to your home environment or arrange a more extensive team to provide additional support online or via on the ground presence. This can include psychiatry, specialist psychotherapy, couple and family therapy. In London, we can also provide ongoing functional medicine treatments. The aim is to help you implement what you have learned in treatment and to support you when difficult situations or decisions arise.

Aftercare is an additional service that is not included in our residential treatment programmes, we do however highly recommend engaging in aftercare. Prices for aftercare programmes are based on each client's individual needs and circumstances.


what we do

Our aftercare treatment programmes can include:

  • Ongoing specialised individual therapy.
  • Family and couple therapy.
  • Remote or face to face sessions with a psychiatrist.
  • Ongoing management of nutritional supplements and medication and optional physical health management.
  • Ongoing comprehensive health management, focussing on continuous recovery, health maintenance and illness prevention.

Flexible for your needs

Depending on your specific wishes and needs, aftercare can be provided for a few weeks up to a few months. Ongoing support can sometimes be arranged with local practitioners or can also be managed by ongoing support via phone or video calls with our team when a local psychiatrist or therapist is unavailable.

We provide aftercare services anywhere in the world.


Aftercare support can range from a couple of weeks to many months. The length is entirely dependent on your specific needs and wishes.

Aftercare is a service we provide at an additional cost. While optional, we highly recommend aftercare treatment to help ensure a long-lasting recovery.

The fees for aftercare depend on the intensity, complexity and duration of the program. The fees for an accompanying therapist who will be available 24h at your home or during travels is CHF 2000 per day.

Aftercare programmes can help ease the transition from your time at a residential treatment back into your day-to-day life. They can also help prevent relapse and support continued recovery. Some studies show that the likelihood of long-term recovery increases by 20% for each consecutive month a person engages with an aftercare plan during the first six months after treatment.

At Paracelsus Recovery, our team will work collaboratively with you to create a highly individualised aftercare programme that suits your specific needs. In general, these programmes can include a therapist travelling home and staying with you for some time, available 24h for support. Regular therapy sessions, psychiatry, medication management, and couple or family therapy can also constitute part of an aftercare programme. In London we can also provide ongoing functional medicine. Aftercare may last a few weeks or several months.

The therapist will assist you in continuing your recovery programme within your own surroundings and to adapt your former environment to the newfound lifestyle built on health and wellbeing. The therapist will provide continued support to help you manage anything from cravings to relationship difficulties and any other problems that may arise upon returning home.