At Paracelsus Recovery, our drug addiction treatment programs are 100% individualized and Non-12 Step. While we will help you find ways to overcome the symptoms, our priority is to treat the root causes of your addiction and ensure long-lasting recovery. In exclusive surroundings and cared for by a team of passionate and very experienced therapists and doctors, Paracelsus Recovery provides ideal surroundings for drug addiction recuperation.



How do we treat drug addiction

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Drug addiction treatment

At Paracelsus Recovery, we use a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach that addresses all the underlying causes of your substance abuse dependency, not just the symptoms. On arrival, a thorough assessment is carried out to determine the exact treatment and therapies required and to identify any physical, medical, and psychological issues that require special attention. The assessment includes a complete medical check-up including extensive laboratory tests, a functional health assessment, a review of medical history and of current and past medication, a comprehensive psychiatric assessment, a substance use assessment, and a lifestyle and nutritional assessment. We will design an individual treatment plan based on the results of these assessments.

For one-to-one treatment for drug addiction, our team of renowned specialist therapists and doctors will work exclusively with you. In addition, a ‘live-in’ therapist will be available for emotional support around the clock throughout your entire stay.

If deemed necessary, we perform a safe, medically supervised withdrawal from the drug(s). This is overseen by our medical doctor and psychiatrist and monitored 24 hours a day by our clinical nursing team.

360-Degree Treatment Approach — The most extensive and comprehensive treatment worldwide.

Medical Check-ups
& Treatments
Eye Movement Desensitization
and Reprocessing (EMDR)
Interval Hypoxic
Hyperoxic Treatment
Probiotic Therapies
& Psychonutrition
Lifestyle &
Nutritional Counseling
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Personal Training 
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Drug addiction

When we engage in an activity that keeps us alive or stimulates us, our brain sends out a feel-good chemical known as dopamine. Dopamine gives us a hit of satisfaction which will encourage us to repeat that action. Amphetamines, cocaine, and other addictive drugs essentially hijack this system and disperse up to 10 times more dopamine than usual.

It is these hits of dopamine that create the patterns of thinking and feeling which underpin substance abuse. When we are unsatisfied with certain areas of our lives, either physically, psychologically, or socially, drugs can start to provide us with the dopamine we are craving.

With repeated use of toxic substances, our brains adapt. Firstly, these patterns of behavior reduce the impact the drug has on the cells in the reward circuit. As a result, less dopamine is sent out and the person receives less of a ‘high.’ This effect is known as tolerance. It leads people to take more and more of the drug to achieve that feeling of ecstatic satisfaction. These brain adaptions often make the person more and more fixated on the drug and less able to find enjoyment in other things they once enjoyed such as sex, food, relationships, or social activities.


The fees for the drug addiction treatment programs at Paracelsus Recovery start at CHF 80’000 per week for a four-week-plus program. There are also shorter programs available. You can find more details on our prices here.

Paracelsus Recovery is a treatment center specializing in drug addiction treatment and any related physical and mental health conditions. We provide the most comprehensive and exclusive treatment available, with the whole team dedicated to your recovery.

As recommended by the team, we provide comprehensive aftercare services to ensure that your recovery is long-lasting and robust. Within our aftercare plan, we will provide you with coping methods that will help re-establish wellbeing and satisfaction in each area of your life. Although it isn’t mandatory, we also strongly encourage your partner or primary family members to participate in couple or family therapy sessions during treatment.

We understand that for many individuals taking a month out of their lives to undergo treatment is simply not an option. As such, in addition to our in-depth residential treatment program, we also provide a 7–14 day Executive Detox Program in Zurich and London. Our Executive Detox Program is a highly intensive treatment course that aims to detox the body and mind after a period of excessive alcohol, drugs, or medication use. It provides a safe withdrawal procedure and restores wellbeing on a cellular, physical and psychological level. You can learn more about our Executive Detox Program here.

Paracelsus Recovery can provide drug addiction treatment in London and Zurich or anywhere in the world upon request.

If your substance abuse is negatively impacting your life and relationships, you could have an addiction and require treatment. Symptoms of drug addiction include feeling a lack of control over your substance abuse, the desire to quit but being unable to, intense cravings, withdrawal symptoms, loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed, and an ever-increasing tolerance level for the substance.

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