社会は、貧しく十分なサービスを受けていない子供たち、および彼らが医療や教育を受けられない可能性が高まっていること、または彼らが医療に頼る可能性が高まっていることに大きな懸念を表明しています。薬物 または成人期の犯罪。独自…



1980 年代に Marsha Linehan 博士によって開発された弁証法的行動療法 (DBT) は、もともと境界性パーソナリティ障害と診断されたリスクの高い自殺願望のある人々のために設計されたトーク セラピーの一種で…



一般的に言えば、ヨガは、呼吸法、強化エクササイズ、ポーズ、瞑想を統合することで、体、心、精神に利益をもたらすエクササイズです。ヨガには多くの種類があります。すべてが有益です。 ヨガは何世紀にもわたって実践されてきましたが…




Types of therapy

Intermittent hypoxic-hyperoxic treatment (IHHT)

Intermittent hypoxic-hyperoxic treatment (IHHT) is a non-invasive procedure that will restore your health at the cellular level. When appropriate, we will incorporate IHHT into each of our mental health and addiction treatment programs at Paracelsus Recovery.



Intermittent hypoxic-hyperoxic treatment

Intermittent hypoxic-hyperoxic treatment (IHHT) is a non-invasive and safe procedure that involves breathing in hypoxic (low oxygen) and hyperoxic (high oxygen) air at varying intervals through a mask. It works by destroying damaged mitochondria and allowing our cells to regenerate new, healthier mitochondria.

The interaction between oxygen levels and mitochondria is what allows life to exist. Mitochondria, also known as the "powerhouses of the cell," provide us with energy. However, when we are under a lot of stress, we put a lot of strain on our mitochondria, which can cause damage.

IHHT causes a mild amount of stress on the respiratory system, and in response, our bodies activate a natural process of cellular 'fine-tuning.' As a result, IHHT has the potential to improve our quality of life by focusing on its very core – the cellular interaction between the environment and our bodies.

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Intermittent hypoxic-hyperoxic treatment (IHHT) for mental health conditions

IHHT alleviates fatigue symptoms caused by stress, chronic fatigue syndrome, burnout, depression, and insomnia. IHHT also has numerous physical health benefits, according to research, which can help improve cardiovascular performance, metabolism, respiratory diseases, and our immune system.

Paracelsus Recovery is Switzerland's only treatment center that offers IHHT for mental health issues. By doing so, we ensure that we are providing the most advanced and comprehensive treatment available.


Intermittent hypoxic-hyperoxic treatment (IHHT) boosts our energy levels at the molecular level. It has the potential to significantly improve our stress resistance, as well as our cells' ability to regenerate and stimulate our nervous system. These changes to our bodies will result in a slew of positive effects, including better sleep, increased cognitive abilities, increased stamina, and an overall higher quality of life.

Intermittent hypoxic-hyperoxic treatment (IHHT) is administered through a mask using a specialized machine. The client lies or sits comfortably and inhales hypoxic (low oxygen) air with intervals of hyperoxic (high oxygen) air. It is a very relaxing procedure that takes about an hour per session.

Intermittent hypoxic-hyperoxic treatment (IHHT) is at the cutting edge of scientific advancement. For example, the 2019 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to two scientists who discovered that consuming oxygen in a low supply for short periods of time rejuvenates the body. Numerous studies have since discovered that IHHT is beneficial to both our physical and psychological health.

Intermittent hypoxic-hyperoxic treatment (IHHT) is a safe procedure for the majority of people, but it is not appropriate for everyone. During an initial clinical assessment, our clinical team will determine the appropriateness of this intervention. While severe hypoxia can be harmful to our health, short bursts of moderate hypoxia are only beneficial. It is similar to stress; while prolonged stress can lead to burnout, short bursts of stress are necessary to keep us focused and alert.

Intermittent hypoxic-hyperoxic treatment (IHHT) is available in London, but only when necessary or recommended.

Meet the team responsible for intermittent hypoxic-hyperoxic treatment (IHHT)