Types of therapy

Nurturing the mind-body relationship is an important component of our holistic treatment approach at Paracelsus Recovery. We will help you restore your health to its optimal state and create strategies for long-term changes to your diet and lifestyle over the course of many hours of one-on-one sessions.



Nutritional and lifestyle counseling

When we practice self-care, we are investing in our current health for the benefit of our future selves. However, when we are dealing with an addiction or a mental health problem, we must expend a significant amount of energy just to get through the day. As a result, self-care may fall to the bottom of the priority list.

Many people who struggle with addiction or mental health issues are malnourished and deficient in essential vitamins and minerals. There are digestive issues, a weakened immune system, gut imbalance, and nonbacterial inflammation.

At Paracelsus Recovery, we recognize that substance abuse addiction and mental health issues are the results of atrophy in the mind-body relationship, not just in the brain. For example, the human gut is increasingly being recognized as our "second brain." The gut produces neurotransmitters and neuropeptides, both of which have a significant impact on mental health. Restoring healthy bacteria in the intestinal system and removing damaged bacteria are critical for long-term recovery.

Proper nutrition can reduce cravings, promote a healthier attitude, and boost overall wellbeing. We aim to restore your health on a physical, psychological, and cellular level by using nutritional counseling, biochemical restoration, and functional medicine.

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Our dedicated team of experts has extensive experience in a variety of nutrition-related issues and will provide individual nutritional counseling while also ensuring that we meet all of your dietary needs and preferences. As always, our team works with only one client at a time, so we will concentrate solely on your specific set of requirements.

You will have your own private chef who will work closely with the nutrition team during your stay at one of Paracelsus Recovery's Zurich-based residences. In London, our nutritionist will collaborate with the chef at the chosen lodging.


Nurturing the mind-body connection and providing all necessary resources and information provides the tools needed for a long-term and robust recovery. Lifestyle and nutritional counseling are used in conjunction with functional medicine, intensive laboratory tests, and biochemical restoration treatment at Paracelsus Recovery.

Yes, the private chef will always consider dietary preferences, wishes, and lifestyle choices. If you stay in a hotel, your dietary needs will be discussed with the hotel's chefs.

We ensure that each meal reflects your dietary choices and all specialized dietary requirements are met.

If you want to learn more about what dietary changes you can make in your daily life, visit our blog for more practical information.

At Paracelsus Recovery, our lifestyle experts will work with you and other members of the team to provide you with the resources you need to make long-term and positive changes in other areas of your life, such as sleep and physical activity.

Meet the team responsible for nutritional and lifestyle counseling