Financial Times – Do you need the C-suite check-up?

“For a fund with billions under management, and hundreds of millions for the investor circle, if one of those partners falls ill, the cost is exponentially higher than that small investment (treatment).” – Jan Gerber recently shared with Tiffanie Darke for The Financial Time’s: How to Spend It January Edition.

Darke’s article Do you need the C-suite check-up? explored how corporate well-being programmes have grown over the last few years. The article highlights that even though businesses spend 50 billion US dollars on wellness, it is not doing much to combat the ever-growing list of complex mental health issues amongst employees and staff.

Darke outlines various treatment centres that cater to work-related issues and emphasises that Paracelsus Recovery’s treatment programmes – particularly our burnout or substance abuse-focused treatments, are the ‘pinnacle of executive recovery centres.’ Find out why that is --> in the full article

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