Finito World – “A lot of therapy can happen making coffee in the afternoon”

Jan Gerber – founder and CEO of Paracelsus Recovery – sat down with Christopher Jackson of Finito World to talk about all things wealth and mental health. Their conversation is poignant and all-encompassing; touching on how the pandemic altered our mental health to the role Government's need to play in improving our collective wellbeing.

They also spoke about how Paracelsus Recovery pioneered a new era of effective and comprehensive treatment for the ultra-wealthy. As Gerber explained, "We realised that mental health is not just a question of psychotherapy or psychiatry; it’s much more complex than that. Treating one client at a time with the price tag we have means that there's the budget to look at an individual from a 365-degree perspective.”

So, what exactly does that 365-degree perspective entail? Read the full article to find out -->Finito World

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