Bloomberg – ‘It Could Destroy Your Life’: Crypto Trading Goes to Rehab

We saw a 300% increase in inquiries about crypto problems since 2018, Jan Gerber, CEO of Paracelsus Recovery, explained to Charlie Wells and Misyrlena Egkolfopoulou for Bloomberg.

Our lead psychiatrist, Thilo Beck, emphasised that the problem occurs because compulsive crypto traders simply respond to their brain’s reward mechanisms. For example, while cryptocurrency seems like a smart investment, the lack of regulation makes crypto markets highly volatile. So, when you win, you win big. These ‘big wins’ release vast amounts of feel-good chemicals in our brain, which is why cryptocurrency is as addictive as gambling.

We now provide specialised treatment programmes catered to cryptocurrency addiction. Interested to find out what that means? Learn more here --> Crypto Trading Goes to Rehab

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