Sunday Times – Long Covid: The nightmare a million of us still can’t shake of

“According to research by the Paracelsus Recovery clinic, one in three long Covid sufferers experience mental health and addiction problems”, explains Tom Calver in his latest piece on the topic for the Sunday Times.

Long-Covid has become one of the most feared consequences of a Covid-19 infection, with symptoms such as debilitating fatigue and breathing issues lasting years. However, the pervasive omicron variant is proving to be milder than the former variants. As a result, it is less likely to induce long-Covid. Fortunately, we have also progressed, and treatments are finally beginning to work. For example, some studies show that treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome are effective for long-Covid infections.

At Paracelsus Recovery, our 360-degree treatment method can effectively boost your immune system and help you recover from the physical and emotional side effects of long-Covid.

Read the full article here --> Long Covid - The Sunday Times

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