Rachel Ball writes about her affluent neglect in The Daily Mail

Rachel was brought up in an 8-bedroom house set in 300 acres and enjoyed 5 luxury holidays a year. The one thing she didn’t have? Her mother’s love and support. Now, experts have come up with a name for her condition…

At Paracelsus Recovery, we’ve treated countless clients for a condition we’ve called ‘Succession Syndrome.’ It refers to the emotional turbulence and struggles children who grow up in wealthy and successful households face. Typically, these mental health issues result from issues such as a sense of immense pressure to be like the parent and emotional isolation due to their parent's hectic workloads and their inevitable unavailability for their children. 

We were impressed to see Rachel Ball write about her experience of Succession Syndrome - and how we treat it, in her poignant and honest account of her affluent neglect in The Daily Mail. 

Rachel’s words are wise, powerful, and not to be missed. Read the full article —> here.

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