While we offer the most advanced and exclusive addiction and mental health treatment programmes, we also provide an unparalleled hospitality service with the spirit of a passionate family business.

One Client at a Time

Unparalleled staff to patient ratio of 15:1

Exclusive Penthouses - Paracelsus Recovery Clinical Residences

We work almost exclusively with high-profile, high-net-worth individuals. To make sure that our clients feel as comfortable as possible, we provide a luxurious
environment that feels familiar, as this increases their chances of a robust recovery. Whether you are staying in our penthouse apartment on the lake-front in Zurich or one of London’s leading hotels, we will make sure to provide the appropriate level of accommodation and service.

Our exclusive residences are discretely located in a lake-front setting of Zurich. The penthouse apartments are around 250 square meters in size, luxuriously furnished and at the same time offer all necessary medical and clinical infrastructure. With a magnificent direct view of the lake of Zurich and the Swiss mountains, you will be in the best place to rest and recover.

Paracelsus Recovery Apartments

Our apartments include a master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom, whilst another separate bedroom and bathroom are designated for the assigned live-in psychotherapist who is present and available around the clock. We have various rooms that are designated for therapy, treatments or entertainment as well as a fully equipped kitchen.


5-star Hotels

The residence is included in our fees. However, some clients may choose to stay at a hotel instead, at their own expense. If you wish to receive recommendations or our help to reserve a suite at our partner hotels, we will be at our service. We have extensive experience working with these partners and ensure you to provide discrete treatment in the privacy of your hotel suite.

In London, you can stay in one of the city’s leading hotels, a serviced apartment, or your own home if it is in central London. While various treatments, such as the live-in therapist and complementary therapies, will be brought to your residence, others will take place in our team’s private consulting rooms. In so doing, we can provide you with the highest quality treatment and minimal disruption to your life.


Other Accommodation Options

As an alternative to our residences or a hotel of your choice, we can arrange for almost every type of accommodation, according to individual requests as well as at own cost. We have access to lakeside villas, historic old-town residences, modern penthouses, country-side chalets and many more. We are happy to provide individual offers for any request.

Concierge service

Each client has a dedicated client relation team at his disposal, that can organise leisure activities to enjoy the beauty of Switzerland, a visit of renowned places to discover or a day trip to the Swiss mountains or to another city of Switzerland. Our dedicated team will assist you during your whole stay to make sure you have everything needed.

Wellness & Spa

Clients are offered the opportunity to enjoy the unparalleled spa facilities at our hotel partner, The Dolder Grand, located a few minutes away from our clinic.

Family visit

Whenever possible, we can organise a visit from your family or loved ones during your stay with us.


Switzerland offers the best treatments available for addictions and mental health issues and has an excellent reputation for medical care and its practitioners. On top of that, the country offers highest levels of confidentiality and is famous for it‘s discretion and privacy. Our outstanding level of service and hospitality makes us known worldwide.


In Zurich, our luxurious clinical residence is included in our fees. However, you can also stay in a 5-star hotel or another preferred residence at an extra cost. In London, clients can stay in one of the city’s leading hotels, a serviced apartment or their own home.

We will always try to create treatment programmes that work for our clients. As such, we will be as flexible as possible in accommodating your travel or work commitments.

We can issue invitation letters for medical visas to Switzerland/Schengen for the attention of any Swiss embassy, which will normally facilitate a visa application.

Depending on the substance and the baseline dosage, we will decide, together with you, if the detox and withdrawal schedule can be implemented at your private residence or hotel, or if we recommend hospitalisation at our clinic or a partner hospital.

Yes, but they will not be staying in the clinical residence. If you chose to stay at a hotel, you can bring as many entourages as you like to stay at the same hotel. However, we recommend, if possible, not to be accompanied by family, friends or an entourage in the first weeks of treatment.