Holger Pfeifer, MAS, Diplom (UAS)

Executive Office Manager

As Executive Office Manager, Holger Pfeifer is responsible for the operational management of the Zurich office. He has a lot of experience in management and is broadly positioned with a German Diplom (UAS) in business administration and a master's degree in information technology. Already during his studies, he dealt with digitalisation, performance management as well as agile project management in companies and worked as a business consultant, manager and entrepreneur. With his go-getter personality and a lot of heart and soul, he is committed to optimal processes in the administration at Paracelsus Recovery and has the team's back.

One of Paracelsus Recovery's Interview Sessions

Holger Pfeifer tells us about the culture at paracelsus recovery

Holger Pfeifer tells us how the culture at Paracelsus Recovery supports the main goal of making sure that the clients feel and know that each of the Paracelsus recovery team truly cares and for them to experience that we outperform any therapy they've ever had.