Kirsten Eilers

Housekeeper & Chef

Born in Germany's capital Berlin, Kirsten Astrid Eilers actually worked for a long time in the fashion business. Highly educated as a stylist and makeup artist at the famous star coiffure Udo Walz, she is used to handle famous and wealthy people in a very professional and also natural way. After leaving Berlin for 1.5 years working experience in San Francisco, she got back to her hometown Berlin and to Udo Walz, now working for fashion shows and first steps as a personal stylist and image consultant. A few years later she moved to Germany Düsseldorf and the famous island Sylt in the very north of Germany where she opened her first salon. Self employed for nearly 16 years and responsible for a team of 12 to 14 people, she decided to turn her whole life around and sell the business to move to Switzerland. She always was very interested in healthy living and healthy food. Cooking for herself and friends was always a great passion. Today she found a way to combine healthy cooking and hospitality at Paracelsus Recovery and a new experience to help our clients feeling home far away from their own home.

One of Paracelsus Recovery's Interview Sessions

Kirsten Eilers tells us why she appreicates working for Paracelsus Recovery

Kristin says its always nice to see that people come here with big problems then after a week they open up and start to get better. She is happy to be part of the healing process of clients at Paracelsus Recovery by cooking for them.