Meriel Stanton M.A Hons Psych Fsp.

Sensorimotor Psychotherapist Trauma Therapist & Counsellor

Meriel is a licensed psychologist and body informed psychotherapist from Edinburgh Scotland . In addition to her work with Paracelsus Recovery Zürich Meriel works in private praxis on the edge of Zürich. Meriel is an open minded non judgmental therapist who works with integrity, sensitivity, kindness and clarity to help her clients. She is collaborative, flexible and culturally sensitive and creates a safe place in which clients feel comfortable to process and heal As a Sensorimotor Psychotherapist her Work is grounded in and informed by modern neurobiological & interpersonal psychological wisdom of the Polyvagal Theory. A basic premise of which is "there is no such thing as a bad response - there are only adaptive responses " Dr Stephen Porges. She Combines skillful talk therapy with mindfulness, the memory, wisdom of the body, & breath and body awareness. With a particular interest in trauma and developmental trauma Meriel knows well from her own healing journey that starting a therapy is never easy - but it is most definitely worth taking that first, sometimes shaky step . She is inspired by the words of the poet David Whyte "Inside of everyone is a great shout of joy waiting to be born" Prior to working in Private practice Meriel worked worked in various Psychiatric clinics in ZFP Zentrum Für Psychiatrie Reichenau Baden Württemberg Germany & PUK Psychiatrische Universitätsklinik Rheinau Switzerland