Mirella Palamar

Clinical Coordinator

Mirella holds a MaSc in Nursing Science and works as an Advanced Practitioner in Mental Health at the University Hospital Zurich. In addition, she works in research in nursing sciences. She brings with her experience from various psychiatric settings. For instance, she was involved in the development of the Home Treatment project at the Psychiatric University Hospital, where she innovatively expanded her outpatient skills. She also worked as an external lecturer and instructor for psychiatric care at various nursing schools. Mirella started as a nurse in psychiatric care in 2006 and has worked in various psychiatric institutions in Bern, Wallis, Lucerne and elsewhere. The psyche and its health have fascinated her from an early age. The origin of this, like many other phenomena, comes from her own social environment. Currently, Mirella is working on the implementation of psychiatric care in a somatic hospital. She supports and coaches the nursing staff to empower them in dealing with mentally unstable people and to strengthen their own resilience. "There is a space between stimulus and reaction. In this space lies our power to choose our reaction. In our reaction lies our development and our freedom."